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Hope, Faith & Empathy sales

Yesterday we started our Pre Launch sale of my new book, Hope, Faith & Empathy.  Sales have been extraordinary so far:)

Hope, Faith & Empathy is the story of Tilly, a young Aboriginal woman growing up in Canada, and the individuals who helped shape her life, her survival and her irrepressible spirit.  Together, they tell a unique perspective of the history of the First Peoples of Canada; a history rooted in strength, resiliency and hope.  Woven throughout the book are stories, humour, wisdom and thought provoking teachings.  Hope, Faith and Empathy is relevant, insightful and inspiring to both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal readers; including readers outside of Canada.

To purchase the book, visit and your copy or copies will be mailed in July 2012.  Pre Launch sale price is $15/book going up to $20 as of April 1, 2012

Here is an excerpt of the chapter Insights into Mom

Insights into Mom

            Skipping along the sidewalk, my pigtails bouncing rhythmically on the sides of my head, I hung onto my Mom’s pinky.  We had left my tag-along sister at home, and I was thrilled to have Mom all to myself. For that hour or so, she was all mine.  I knew that if I behaved while we did our shopping, a stop at Monty’s ice cream shop would be in the cards for me. Monty had the best homemade ice cream in town, and every time, he double-dipped my chocolate cone for me.  “Just to match your eyes there, little beauty,” he would say as he handed me my scrumptious cone.

I wasn’t really paying attention to where we were going.  I was more interested in watching my pigtails take turns flying in front of my eyes as I skipped along.  All of a sudden, Mom’s pinky slipped out of my hand, there was a hard crack to my face and I felt myself falling.  I landed so hard on the sidewalk that the wind was knocked out of me.  Worn-out cowboy boots were what I saw as I tried to catch my breath. When I looked up, the sun stung my eyes and all I could make out was the hugest belly I had ever seen.             “Jesus Christ kid, you ran right into me.” In one swift move, he yanked me up by my elbow and pushed me towards my Mom. “Goddamn Squaw. Get control of your kid or go back to the reservation.  Back where you belong. And stay there!” He spat these words at my Mom, pushed past her and continued on his way.  I didn’t really know what had just happened. I felt like I was going to throw up.  I reached for my Mom’s pinky, but now it was as cold as an icicle and it shook so fast that I had a hard time hanging onto it.  I was afraid to look at her.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her quickly wiping away tears.  She didn’t seem to be quite as tall as she was before.  I waited until her pinky felt warm again. “Mom, what does Squaw mean?  And why did he tell you to go back to the reservation.  What’s the reservation?”  I paused briefly, “Momma, why was he so mean?”  She kept on walking, but looked away from me.  Her chin trembled and another tear slid down her face.  I let go of her pinky and held onto her whole hand. I needed to feel more of her.  “I’m sorry I made you cry, Momma.”


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