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Inspiration, where does it come from?

I awoke early this am., it was not that I had intended to be up at 445am, but I awoke to the smell of sweet grass burning.  Slipping my moccasins on and sleepily meandering my way out to the living room where the sweet grass beckoned me.    I wondered who was up smudging, but there was no one in the living room, except the cat who was curled up on the couch with her paw over her face.

I sat down for a moment and noticed by the fireplace a blade of sweetgrass and box of matches set out.  I learned long ago to pay attention to such signs.  I lit the sweetgrass, and with my right hand brought the smoke up over my head, asking for good thoughts.  Then brought the smoke to my eyes, asking that I may see what I need to see and that I see the goodness in the world, bringing the smoke to my ears so I may hear the messages I need to hear and then to my mouth so I may speak with integrity and with kindness.  I then brought the braid and trailing smoke down each arm asking for continued strength to feed my body well, down the front of my legs so I have the courage to continue walking on the red road and in a good way.  I offered my prayers and gratitude for the day with the sweet smell of sweetgrass filling my nostrils and truly waking my spirit from the dream world.  I closed my personal ceremony with inviting the Ancestors to join me as I venture into a day of writing and business meetings.

While I know the Ancestors are always with me: guiding me, protecting me, and watching over me, there are days when I feel a need to intentionally invite them  to be with me…today is one of those days.


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