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Resiliency: an Indigenous perpsective

Human resiliency is like a willow tree branch.  It can bend to make the ribs of a sweat lodge or bend to create a full circle to create a dream catcher.  When we bend that willow tree branch and then release it, it bounces back to almost it’s original shape, but not quite.  It is changed forever. We as humans are the same. When life deals us challenging times, we bend like that willow tree branch and are changed forever.


Indigenous worldviews and the importance we place on relationships naturally compliments fostering resiliency in children. Resiliency requires a concentrated focus on positive and nurturing relationships with family, caregivers and community members. It also requires a focus on fostering relationships with all aspects of the child’s world.

It is through these relationships that children will develop and strengthen their sense of self and security in their world, thus strengthening their resiliency and ability to adapt, grow and change throughout childhood and the rest of their lives.

To learn more check out new educational resource: The Ripple Effect of Resiliency: Strategies for Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children.

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