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Resiliency: an Indigenous perpsective

Human resiliency is like a willow tree branch.  It can bend to make the ribs of a sweat lodge or bend to create a full circle to create a dream catcher.  When we bend that willow tree branch and then release it, it bounces back to almost it’s original shape, but not quite.  It is changed forever. We as humans are the same. When life deals us challenging times, we bend like that willow tree branch and are changed forever.


Indigenous worldviews and the importance we place on relationships naturally compliments fostering resiliency in children. Resiliency requires a concentrated focus on positive and nurturing relationships with family, caregivers and community members. It also requires a focus on fostering relationships with all aspects of the child’s world.

It is through these relationships that children will develop and strengthen their sense of self and security in their world, thus strengthening their resiliency and ability to adapt, grow and change throughout childhood and the rest of their lives.

To learn more check out new educational resource: The Ripple Effect of Resiliency: Strategies for Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children.


Relevance of Hope, Faith & Empathy to Early Years and Education

About….Hope, Faith & Empathy

Hope, Faith & Empathy is the story of Tilly, a young Aboriginal woman growing up in Canada, and the individuals who helped shape her life, her survival and her irrepressible spirit.  Together, they tell a unique perspective of the history of the First Peoples of Canada; a history rooted in strength, resiliency and hope.  Woven throughout the book are stories, humour, wisdom and thought provoking teachings.

Hope, Faith and Empathy is relevant, insightful and inspiring to both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal readers; including readers outside of Canada.

How is Hope, Faith & Empathy relevant to Early Years and Kindergarten?
With Aboriginal children being the fastest growing population in British Columbia and Canada[1], it serves those who will be teaching and working with Aboriginal children to have a solid understanding of the history from an Aboriginal perspective.  Not a perspective full of guilt or shame, but rather a perspective that shares the experience in an honest way and rooted in inspiration, strength and resiliency.

Hope, Faith & Empathy will provide insight into the Aboriginal worldview and unique ways of being, knowing, seeing and learning in the world.  It is full of teachings and words of wisdom that can support staff in understanding the unique learning styles of Aboriginal children.  Through the book’s characters and the stories they tell, staff will have metaphors and words of wisdom that can be used in their program or classroom, engagement with parents/families and in the administration of their school.

At the back of the book is a Glossary of Terms, so while the book is an entertaining and engaging story to read and learn from, it is also a formal educational tool to raise staff’s level of cultural safety and understanding of Aboriginal peoples.  This glossary can be used to foster an understanding and competency in vocabulary.



Why did I choose the words “Hope, Faith & Empathy?”

Hope: that our children do not have a childhood they have to recover from.  For far too many generations Aboriginal people in Canada have experienced immense challenges and as a result, there has been significant trauma in the lives of children.  It is my HOPE that children of this generation and future generations do not have a childhood they have to recover from.

Faith: that we will learn from our history and work together in creating a future that recognizes the gifts of all children and families we have the privilege to work with.

Empathy: that we will be able to foster and witness greater empathy between the relations of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples; that it begins with our children.  Empathy is the bridge linking hope and faith in creating future leaders who will lead us in crafting a world where all children the ability to pursue their dreams.

Hope, Faith & Empathy is currently being sold at a special PreLaunch price of $15.00.  Special discounts for Monique Gray Smith’s coaching and speaking are included in purchases of 10 or more books.  Please visit to read excerpts from Hope, Faith & Empathy and to purchase your copies.

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[1] Canadian Supplement to the State of the World’s Children 2009,

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