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Tears are Medicine

This is a segment from a chapter in my soon to be released book, Hope, Faith & Empathy.  It is from the chapter called Tears are Medicine.

Tilly, the main character, is just finishing a counselling session with Bea who is also a wise elder and guides Tilly in far more than her recovery from alcoholism.  This sharing from Bea happens just as a session is coming to end.  Enjoy!  And if you want to read more, please go on line to purchase the book Mail out in July 2012.


“You need to give everyone you spend time with a present, everyone.” She had instructed me.

“Everyone? A present? How is that possible Bea?” I asked, confused.

“Yep.” She shook her head up and down dramatically. “Everyone Tilly. I want you to be fully present with each person you spend time with. Give ‘em your full attention, look ‘em in the eyes and let ‘em know you are listen’n. People just need to be seen ‘n’ heard Tilly. ‘N you know what?” I moved my head sideways and she said in response. “It takes li’l effort for us to really see some’n or to list’n to’em. You know what it’s like to be listened to and then what it also feels like when some’un prettend’n they listen’n. So your homework is to see ‘n listen to each person.”

“What about like when the Cashier at the Grocery store starts chatt’n me up?” I asked.

“Everyone Tilly, you never know who has a story or teach’n for you or whose day you could bright’n or light’n. So yes, even the Cashier at the Grocery store.”

©Monique Gray Smith


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